Bertanya pada ChatGPT tentang perspektif dua penulis

Saya bereksperimen dengan ChatGPT. Saya mengajukan pertanyaan pada ChatGPT tentang dua orang penulis, yaitu Malcolm Gladwell dan Seth Godin. Pertanyaannya sederhana:

Bagaimana cara menulis sebuah artikel secara cepat tetapi tetap memiliki makna, berkualitas, dan kreaif menurut sudut pandang Malcolm Gladwell dan Seth Godin?

Berikut tanggapan dari ChatGPT.

Dari sudut pandang Seth Godin (dalam bahasa Inggris):

1. Start with Clarity: Begin by clarifying the main message or idea you want to convey in your article. Develop a clear point of view or argument that provides value or insights to your readers. Having a focused direction from the outset helps streamline your writing process.

2. Embrace Constraints: Rather than seeing time constraints as limitations, view them as opportunities for creativity. Set boundaries and constraints that force you to think more critically and efficiently. This helps you focus on the core elements of your article and avoid unnecessary digressions.

3. Streamline Your Writing: Write with simplicity and conciseness in mind. Use clear and straightforward language to convey your ideas effectively. Avoid unnecessary repetition or wordiness. Trim any extraneous content that does not contribute to the main message or dilutes the impact of your article.

4. Prioritize Impactful Ideas: Focus on the most important and impactful ideas that support your main message. Identify key insights or arguments that will resonate with your audience. Emphasize quality over quantity, ensuring that each idea is well-developed and meaningful.

5. Engage with Your Audience: Consider the needs and interests of your target audience. Connect with their emotions, aspirations, or challenges through relatable examples, stories, or anecdotes. Make your article relevant and engaging, forging a connection with your readers.

6. Edit Efficiently: Allocate time for editing and revising, even within the faster writing process. Edit ruthlessly to eliminate any redundancies, inconsistencies, or weak sections. Focus on enhancing clarity, coherence, and impact. Prioritize editing techniques that allow you to make meaningful improvements efficiently.

7. Emphasize Creativity: Infuse your article with creativity and originality. Think outside the box and explore unconventional angles or approaches. Incorporate unique metaphors, analogies, or visuals that help convey your ideas in a memorable and thought-provoking manner.

8. Practice Iteration: Recognize that writing is an iterative process. Instead of aiming for perfection in the first draft, embrace the idea of continuous improvement. After completing the initial draft quickly, revisit and refine your article through multiple iterations to enhance its meaning and quality.

Dari sudut pandang Malcolm Gladwell (dalam bahasa Inggris):

1. Deep Understanding: Prioritize gaining a deep understanding of the subject matter before you begin writing. Invest time in thorough research and immerse yourself in the topic. This will allow you to have a solid foundation of knowledge, enabling you to write more efficiently and with authority.

2. Outline and Structure: Create a detailed outline or structure for your article before you start writing. Organize your main points, arguments, and supporting evidence. This helps maintain a logical flow and ensures that you cover all relevant aspects of the topic.

3. Prioritize Key Insights: Identify the most significant and thought-provoking insights or arguments you want to convey. Focus on communicating these points effectively rather than trying to cover every aspect comprehensively. Quality over quantity is paramount.

4. Embrace Simplicity: Strive for simplicity and clarity in your writing. Use straightforward language, concise sentences, and avoid unnecessary jargon. Communicate complex ideas in a manner that is accessible and easily understood by a wide audience.

5. Tell Engaging Stories: Use storytelling techniques to bring your article to life. Incorporate anecdotes, real-life examples, or case studies that illustrate your points and captivate readers. Stories add depth, relatability, and make your article more memorable.

6. Edit Ruthlessly: While writing quickly, allocate sufficient time for editing and revising. Trim any excess or repetitive content, ensuring that every sentence contributes to the overall meaning and impact of the article. Be critical and ruthless in eliminating any fluff or unnecessary details.

7. Seek Feedback: If time permits, seek feedback from trusted peers or mentors. Their perspectives can help identify areas for improvement and ensure the article maintains its meaning and quality. However, ensure that you don't compromise timeliness by seeking excessive feedback.

8. Develop a Writing Routine: Establish a writing routine that works for you. Set aside dedicated time for writing and eliminate distractions. By having a structured approach, you can enhance your focus and productivity, allowing you to complete articles more efficiently. 


Bila melihat tanggapan chat ChatGPT terhadap pertanyaan sederhana yang saya ajukan, tampak jawaban yang cukup ringkas. Ada beberapa poin dari dua penulis yang hampir sama, tetapi ada juga yang berbeda.

Saya akan melakukan eksperimen kembali di kesempatan lain dengan variasi pertanyaan yang berbeda.